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A song produced by (and using instruments made by) Karoryfer Samples

D., 12 december 2019
A song produced by (and using instruments made by) Karoryfer Samples

Yes, in spite of all the hours it takes to edit samples, we sometimes find a bit of time to put into making actual music. Here's a song that took about 2 1/2 years to produce after it was already written by the Karolina Linowska, working on it on and off with sometimes a few months' breaks at a time. But it was worth the wait!

This song actually led to the development of Frankensnare, because layering acoustic snares isn't as convenient (sometimes you have to load the whole kit, cymbal samples and all, just to use a snare) or as flexible (most snares out there are middle-of-the-road ones, while for layering it's nice to have some very small or very large ones as well) as it should be. That's how developing samples and developing a track both help each other.

It also uses our Swirly Drums for the kick and cymbals, Big Rusty Drums for the hi-hat, and Gogodze Phu Vol I for just four bobobo hits at the end of the first hook. The opening chords are String Cyborgs Blackheart responsible for both the pads and plucks, and Shinyguitar. We also used some instruments by other developers, of course - the 808s, vocal synth, brass, choir, violins, piano, marching tenor drums and darbouka.

In early 2020, we're hoping to post a hip-hop song with vocals by one of our team members, and also featuring Vengeful Cello.


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