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Activating GUIs in Sforzando instruments

D., 27 august 2019
Activating GUIs in Sforzando instruments

All of our commercial instruments, many of our free ones, as well as some instruments by Unreal Instruments and SM Drums have GUIs for Plogue Sforzando. Sometimes people ask how to activate this, while others happily use the instruments without the GUI and don't even realize it's supposed to be there.

In some cases, using things with no GUI works almost as well, just isn't as pretty, but when it comes to instruments with lots of controls, you need the proper GUI in order to fit them all on the Control tab. Otherwise, some of the controls will only be available directly via MIDI CC and not from the interface, and that's just seriously inconvenient.

So, we made this short video explaining both how any why to activate the GUIs for the Sforzando instruments that support them.

Sforzando GUIs can have their skins changed by swapping a few PNG files, by the way, and the Vengeful Cello offers a choice of two - the cute pixel GUI in the video above, and a more "serious business" GUI with a photo of the cellist.


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