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Explaining some of the weird techniques we've sampled

D., 4 september 2020
Explaining some of the weird techniques we've sampled

We've sampled rim clicks on drums, playing behind the bridge on guitar, and some string techniques we had to more or less make up  names for, because they have no standard name. Sure, you can use them as sounds even if you don't know how they're played, and one nice thing about samples is that you can get sounds without having to learn so much about them, but sometimes it's good to know. Or maybe you're just curious.

So, here's a video explaining the weirder techniques in Vengeful Bass. I show how they're played, and also explain how I usually use them in real life on gigs. Maybe it'll be useful for understanding where these samples might fit in your music.

Not all of them are really all that "weird", but ghost notes aren't something classical musicians do, so I start with those. It's a useful technique for classical musicians' non-classical gigs, by the way - Vengeful Cello also has jazz-style pizzicato and ghost notes because the cellist had to learn that for one particular band.

Not my first foray into showing off bass techniques, by the way... from some years ago, techniques which are even more advanced, though they serve very different purposes. Also featuring a few of the people behind the Karoryfer label and site in one of the bands!

Now, aren't you glad that you can buy samples of me playing my bass, and don't have to deal with me standing next to you on a stage and doing all that?


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