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Vengeful Viola

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Violas are supposed to be warm, friendly and docile. This one isn't. There are noises like bowing the body, screeching unclean harmonics, very bright sul ponticello... And also phat sustains and sul tasto sustain and staccato, to balance things out.

Layering multiple articulations and creating emulated small sections by using unison mode are included, of course.


Demo by Aku P, also using Vengeful Bass and the synthesizer instrument from Vengeful Cello:

A darker demo by Mateusz Moś, also using the bass and cello:

Articulation list:

Ordinary sustain (2 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
Ordinary staccato (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
Phat sustain (2 round robins)
Sustain sul ponticello (2 round robins)
Staccato sul ponticello (4 round robins)
Staccatissimo sul ponticello (4 round robins)
Sustain sul tasto (2 round robins)
Staccato sul tasto (4 round robins)
Tremolo sul ponticello
Spiccato (4 round robins)
Tip spiccato (4 round robins)
Jete (4 round robins)
Colle (4 round robins)
Pizzicato (4 round robins)
Col legno battuto
Spectral scrubs
Artificial harmonics
Natural harmonics
Unclean harmonics (4 round robins)
Noises (2 or 4 round robins)

    Requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.967 or newer, which can be downloaded for free from Plogue's website. All the samples are also included as unlocked WAV files, so you can also use them as one-shot samples etc. if desired.


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