Free: Pastabass

Download from GitHub

An international collaboration for Karoryfer's 1st anniversary. Pastabass is over 700 samples of a Squier Bass VI recorded by KVR forum user Space Coyote. It can be used like a big twangy baritone guitar, or a thumpy bass. The four types of pasta included are, from brightest to darkest:

  • spaghetti - roundwound strings, as the name implies perfect for spaghetti Western twang
  • linguine - flatwound strings, picked, bridge pickup
  • tagliatelle - flatwound strings, picked, muted, pickup combo
  • fetuccine - flatwound strings, fingered, neck pickup
It's a good thing there weren't many more, as we'd have to start naming them after increasingly obscure pasta types. There's also a combo platter for unison or synthlike sounds. WAV files and SFZ mappings, 621 MB download. An all-Pastabass demo with three instances: bass, chords, and twangy lead.