Free: Shinyguitar

Download from GitHub

A shiny black archtop guitar, and our first library to get a graphical user interface. We sampled both the direct output from the pickup, and the acoustic sound recorded with a microphone. Although archtop guitars are usually associated with jazz, the sounds here can actually get quite bright and aggressive if needed, especially with the microphone signal blended in. They're probably not the best samples for death metal, but quite suitable for pop, EDM, hip-hop, funk, indie etc. Or jazz, of course.

The library adds up to 846 24-bit 44.1. kHz WAV samples and a 352 MB download. The below demo is all Shinyguitar. The melody is all pickup signal with the tone turned down and some vibrato applied, the chords are mostly microphone signal, and the percussion starts off as pickup signal but quickly changes to all microphone. Finally, here is a track which uses Shinyguitar in a style which is somewhere between indie pop and R&B. Also uses Frankensnare, Swirly Drums for the kick and cymbals, Big Rusty Drums for the hi-hat, Gogodze Phu Vol I, and String Cyborgs.