Free: Weresax

Download from GitHub

Legends say that sometimes, when the moon shines just right, a saxophone starts to change under its influence. It grows extra reeds, bellows, and turns into a beastly accordion. Some legends even claim that saxophones can transform into subtractive synthesizers with horrifying unnatural features like resonant filters and unison.

Of course, those are just legends. That kind of thing can't really happen. But we have sampled an alto saxophone and made the legends come true virtually. Behold - the Weresax! Seemingly an innocuous alto saxophone sample library, sampled chromatically across its standard range and with sophisticated vibrato controls wih a total of nine parameters. The second instrument is a simulated accordion. After all accordions, like saxes and harmonicas, use vibrating reeds to produce sound. The third is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer.

Weresax contains a total of 256 24-bit WAV samples and 20 presets. The total download size is 188 MB. Here's a bit of Edvard Grieg's "Morning" played by the sax with a bit of saxcordion chords during the second half, and SM Drums providing the minimal beat. And a song using the Sxnth instrument for high-pitched plucks.