Beefowulf Bass
Beefowulf Bass

Beefowulf Bass

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On sale until the end of May 2023.

A "one-and-a-half trick pony" of a virtual bass guitar intended for R&B, hip-hop and laid back groovy styles in general. The samples are of a Killer Simmony, which is pretty much a Jazz style bass with 24 frets and a different body shape, strung with flatwound strings and tuned in fifths.

Walkthrough video below. Please see the Media section to the left for demo tracks.

Over 2400 samples, 1.2 GB.

  • Four articulations: ordinary pluck, ghost note, phat pluck, phat ghost note, fall and harmonic.
  • Up to six velocity layers and four round robins.
  • Release noise samples.
  • Four octaves of range starting with a very low A.
  • Layering patch for sound design options.
  • Unison voices capability.
  • Vibrato with humanization.
  • Emulated muting.
  • Choice of bunny and no-bunny GUI skins.

Requires the free Plogue Sforzando sampler, which works on 64-bit Windows and Mac systems, 4 GB RAM, and an SSD.