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A collection of West African string instruments, xylophones and flutes recorded in Ghana, containing:

  • Two seperewas - box harps, with a 10-string and a 14-string one sampled.
  • Two koras - a standard 21-string harp with a calabash body, and a smaller 14-string one
  • Kamele ngoni - a large 14-string harp similar to the kora, but tuned pentatonically
  • Kafonu and kavivi - newly invented string instruments by Don Afero
  • Kologo - a very old two-string instrument
  • Three pentatonic xylophones with gourd resonators, including a balafon
  • Two flutes - one chromatic atenteben and one diatonic

Walkthrough video below. Please see the Media section to the left for demo tracks. The first two demos use instruments from the updated new version. The other demos use instruments from the original version only.

We went for color and character more than consistency with this library, and this is especially audible in the spirited tremolos. Most of the instruments were played and made by Don Afero, and if you want to purchase not samples but the real instrument, you can find him at

Nanfo means friends in Akan. These friends add up to over 2800 samples and 2 GB. The original release had six instruments and was updated August 16, 2022. If you purchased the original version you should automatically get the free update in Pulse Downloader.

Requires the free Plogue Sforzando sampler, which works on 64-bit Windows and Mac systems, 4 GB RAM, and an SSD.