Turkish Rebab

Turkish Rebab

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A spike rebab played in a traditional Turkish style. This is an ancestor of the violin which existed in basically the same form in the VIII century and possibly even earlier, and revived as retro in the XIX century. 

This particular rebab has three strings but the highest string is normally the only one used for playing melodies, so the special articulations are only recorded on this string. The two lower strings are mainly used for sympathetic resonance and sometimes as drones, but we've sampled them chromatically for the basic articulations.

Walkthrough video below. Please see the Media section to the left for demo tracks.

Stereo samples. Simulated vibrato. Legato is simulated for most articulations, but the legato articulation has true legato samples for ascending intervals. And because the top string has a limited range and makes the instrument usable mostly in the key of A, there's a transposition control to make it more practical for other keys.

This is a compact library with slightly over 666 samples and 300 MB.

Articulations sampled:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Tremolo
  • Legato
  • Slides (up and down)
  • Grace notes (whole tone and half tone)

Requires the free Plogue Sforzando sampler, which works on 64-bit Windows and Mac systems, 4 GB RAM, and an SSD.