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Vengeful Bass

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This is it. We've made bigger libraries, and we might make better ones in the future, but this library is the essence of me, D. Smolken, the lead developer at Karoryfer Samples. It's me playing my bass my way.

Full of aggressive, rhythmic techniques, off the beaten path and not afraid to be over the top. There are more than two dozen articulations, some probably never sampled by anyone before.

Because I'm never content to just sample stuff and let you play the samples back in the usual ways, there are also layering instruments here. These allow layering longs with shorts for marcato, crossfading between sul ponticello and molto sul ponticello sustains, or downright weird evolving textures going from jete to ragged tremolo to wind noise. There are hundreds of combinations possible.


Demos, not my me:

Articulation list:

  • Ordinary sustain (2 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Ordinary staccato (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Sustain sul ponticello
  • Staccato sul ponticello (4 round robins)
  • Sustain molto sul ponticello
  • Staccato molto sul ponticello (4 round robins)
  • Sustain sul tasto (2 round robins)
  • Staccato sul tasto (4 round robins)
  • Tremolo
  • Wind noise
  • Spiccato (4 round robins)
  • Tip spiccato (4 round robins)
  • Ghost spiccato (4 round robins)
  • Jete (4 round robins)
  • Ghost jete (4 round robins)
  • Colle (4 round robins)
  • Chop (4 round robins)
  • Ricochet chop (4 round robins)
  • Diagonal bowing (4 round robins)
  • Ordinary pizzicato (4 round robins, 3 dynamic layers)
  • Ordinary pizzicato ghost note (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Fat pizzicato (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Fat pizzicato ghost note (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Harmonics
  • Unstable harmonics (2 round robins)
  • Pizzicato harmonics (4 round robins)

And a bonus video explaining some of the more unusual articulations.

Requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.961 or newer, which can be downloaded for free from Plogue's website, 4 GB RAM and an SSD. All the samples are also included as unlocked WAV files, so you can also use them as one-shot samples etc. if desired.


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